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July 15, 2015

May 27, 2009

Star Wars Collection, January 2014

  • And a few more posters...
    Photos of my Star Wars collection, as it stands on January 28, 2014. Thanks for looking!

2015 Star Wars Poster Project

  • Return of the Jedi Style A One Sheet, art by Tim Reamer
    In this gallery, you'll see all the posters, one sheets and other items I have hanging on the wall in my collection. I'll discuss the stories of how I got various posters, information I've learned about each poster, why I chose various colors for mattes and frames and anything else I think a fellow collector might enjoy reading. Please note, these are quick and dirty pictures, taken with a cell phone in often very confined spaces. This gallery will be updated fairly frequently over the next few months, so check back often! (Cover photo borrowed from

Star Wars in Concert

  • The Lasers
    Verizon Center, Washington, D.C., July 17, 2010

Naboo Fighter

  • Naboo Fighter, 5 o'clock
    Lifesize prop of the vehicle from Episode 1, on display at the Smithsonian Institute Museum of Arts and Science (the Castle,) in Washington, DC, in May 2001.

Star Tours

  • Speeder Bike props with broken handle bars
    Photos from Star Tours attraction in Orlando, Florida, March 2001

Hollywood Exhibit 1986

  • Exhibition Pamphlet, part 4
    Hollywood - Legend and Reality, photos from the travelling exhibition presented at the Smithsonian Museum of American History in Spring 1986

Assorted Star Wars Images

  • Duncs pilot revised
    Scans and pictures from over 30 years of Star Wars collecting.
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